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Cape Verde Property Investment

Cape Verde Property Investment

We are delighted to be able to offer property investment advice for the Cape Verde islands - these quite stunning tropical Islands - located in the Atlantic Ocean only 450 km from the African Coast, through our partners The Resort Group plc.

The Resort Group are the acknowledged experts in Cape Verde Property Investment.

If you are looking for a really sound, long-term investment in the Cape Verde Islands, you can take advantage of islands that are regarded as one of the best (if not the top) property investment location.

Cape Verde Property
- Unlimited Potential!

Unlike other countries such as Spain, local laws will stop over development on Cape Verde, thus maintaining the islands' unique identity and outstanding beauty, by means of a healthy mix of exquisite properties offered by The Resort Group

There are, of course, countless other reasons why Cape Verde Property Investment can not only be a sound financial investment, but also a truly exotic 2nd or holiday home with very high rental income return -

  • Property prices in the Cape Verde islands are set to increase by over 70% within the next 24 months
  • The Cape Verde islands are the closest tropical islands to the UK!
  • Low living costs
  • Tax free (no VAT)
  • Stunning location for water sports and others
  • The Cape Verde islands - a completely unspoilt location with massive tourism growth potential


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The Resort Group -
Cape Verde Property Investment specialists

Cape Verde property investment - relaxing on the beach

The Resort Group are currently focussed on the development of two 5-star resorts on Sal Island, Cape Verde - Tortuga Beach Resort & Spa and Dunas Beach Resort - both ideal investment opportunities.

Tortuga Beach is currently within its completion phase, with clients now receiving the keys to their property. Dunas Beach is approximately twice the size of Tortuga, and delivers an exceptional range of facilities - an ideal investment, since it is set to become a tourist destination in its own right.

In short, these developments offer an exceptional investment opportunity in Cape Verde - stunning 5-star luxury set right on the beach, on one of the fastest growing tourist destination in the world - all of which is managed by the largest resort operator on the planet.

Quite simply, property investment in the Cape Verde Islands provides investment potential better than anything else available in the international property investment market.

Potential returns from investing in Cape Verde

Substantial capital growth

Cape Verde property investment - Dunas Beach Resort

We are confident that an investment in property on the Cape Verde islands will deliver significant capital growth, whilst buying property off-plan can accentuate this growth still further.

Investment in a resort developed by The Resort Group will benefit from the booming tourism industry, as well as key factors such as consistent growth in land values and a sustained level of Government investment. And all that is in addition to the Cape Verde economy, which has been growing since the late 90’s, thanks to continued political stability in that time and growing foreign investment - currently over €1 billion per annum.

This means that you can expect consistent capital growth for your investment in Cape Verde property. For example, a typical one bed studio apartment is priced at €124,950. An increase in value of 5% p.a. over a five year period would offer you a total growth in your investment of €34,521. At 10% growth, the total value increase would be €76,283, or €126,369 with 15% growth - over the same 5 year investment period.

These investment return projections are based on the list price of your property. However, the price you pay for your investment in the Cape Verde islands will typically include discounts and incentive exchange rates, which will further underpin your actual investment growth opportunities.

Sustained rental income

Cape Verde property investment - on the beach As well as capital growth, your investment will benefit from a sustained rental income.

The level of investment income is obviously determined by many factors - most notably the popularity of the resort and its location. With Cape Verde’s rapid growth in tourism, property developments on the islands are perfectly placed to maximise rental returns on your investment.

In addition, The Resort Group have a 15 year management agreement with Sol Meliá Hotels & Resorts, who are the largest resort hotelier in the world. That means they have a wealth of experience in running world class resorts but, more importantly for rental returns for your investment, they are highly skilled at marketing their resorts in order to attract high visitor numbers - a vital part of ensuring the maximum return on your investment.

Cape Verde Property - contact us now for more information

It is impossible to list here all the qualities and potential of Cape Verde Property Investment, though we are confident that through the expert advice you'll receive you will be shown how to receive a massive return on investment with minimal risk and low financial outlay.

Just fill in the contact form above and we'll get back to you, to discuss this excellent Cape Verde Property Investment opportunity.

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[ click here to view the introductory Cape Verde Property Investment video on this website]


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